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Vision Correction for a better life

Are you confused about vision correction ?

Here’s 3 ways I can help you RIGHT NOW!

Ask 'i-Doc'

Our AI powered online guru to see how we could help you

I know just how bewildering it can be for patients when there are so many options to choose from and so many providers to go to.
That’s why I created a simple 3 step approach to help you with your research. Just follow the steps starting with ‘i-Doc’ my Intelligent online wizard. 'i-Doc' will help by narrowing down the range of options suitable for you.

Step 1

Consult 'i-Doc' to kick start your research

Step 2

DOWNLOAD my FREE Ebook and add more detail to your research.

Step 3

Set up a FREE 20 minute online video or telephone consultation. (T&C apply)

Advanced Eyecare

At BetterSight we offer only the very latest, proven treatments. But even more important than that we put your safety and wellbeing at the centre of everything we do.

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Surgical Expertise

We pride ourselves on our results, which is why we publicise independently scrutinised results from our main treatments. What’s more - we update all our stats regularly so you can be sure your in the best possible hands whenever you feel ready to make that change.

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Convenient Appointments

Online video or telephone consultations with Mr. Rehman available 7 days a week. Why? Because I am passionate about helping my patients to a life with better sight. Physical consultations also available across 4 clinical sites across the North of England. It’s never been easier to get the eyesight you want.

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Our Services

Lifestyle Eye Care Solutions

Your vision correction treatment should be as unique as you are. As an acknowledged master surgeon who has accumulated vast experience in all major vision correction fields I can provide unbiased advice about your treatment options

You're between 18 to 45

Firstly congratulations ! Not only is life unfurling ahead of you in all its glory , but you could be eligible for Laser vision correction or Implantable contact lens treatment to help correct your eyesight.

You're between 46-55

You’re a master or mistress of your own universe! But you’re also beginning to feel the effects of presbyopia. Thankfully we have a highly targeted, specialised form of Laser vision correction. It’s called PRESBYOND (TM) sometimes referred to as 'blended monovision'. This could do wonders for your eyesight AND help you stay on top.

You're over 55

You’ve done it all AND you did it your way. But time waits for no one, not even you! As your natural lens loses it youthful flexibility, near vision weakens to a point where life is a constant blur of glasses (pun intended). We can’t turn back the clock, but we can reliably correct your eyesight by replacing your natural lens with advanced technology lens implants.

You have a Cataract. You also have a choice.

You didn’t choose to develop cataract, but you can choose how and where to have your treatment. Choose bog standard NHS cataract surgery and put up with endless waiting lists- especially in the post COVID-19 world. Or choose not to wait. Choose a life less troubled by glasses because in our hands cataract surgery is always a vision correction procedure. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to choose the eyesight you always wanted. Your choice!


My Clinic Locations

We see and treat patients at four major locations stretched across the north of England. With clinical facility partner hospitals located in Leeds, Bradford, Elland and Manchester, Ten million people are within an hours drive from one of our clinics. Remember you can always ask for a one to one online video or telephone consultation before committing to a physical consultation.

Optegra Leeds Laser Clinic

Short Story About

Bettersight Eye & Vision Consultancy was created by our medical director and CEO Mr. Rehman. Bettersight Ltd is the commercial enterprise through which Mr. Rehman provides his expertise and surgical services. We do not own or operate facilities, rather we collaborate with carefully chosen partners who provide the advanced facilities which are required for Mr. Rehman to provide his treatments.
Bettersight most closely collaborates with Optegra Eye Hospitals and has access to facilities in Leeds


Years of Expertise


Patients helped every year


Clinic Locations

Why Choose Bettersight
and Mr. Rehman?

  • State of the Art technology
  • World class surgical expertise,
  • Pristine, sparkling hospital environment
  • Comprehensive eye assessment
  • Excellent independent patient feedback
  • Out of hours care including direct access to Mr. Rehman
  • Safety & results amongst the very best in the UK
  • As chosen by healthcare professionals and their families
  • Bespoke personalised care plan tailored to your specific needs
  • Staff who genuinely care
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Who we are

State of The Art Technology

Vision corrective treatments have to be the safest and most effective of all surgeries. State of the art technology plays a big part in the success of vision correction surgery. Be assured- we have access to the most advanced laser platforms in the world - Zeiss Mel 90 and Visumax 500 are the core part of our vision correction services. But more than just technology, we also have one of the UK’s most experienced eye surgeons at hand to help you through the procedure and beyond.

An unbeatable combination of human experience and expertise coupled with the most advanced technologies available anywhere in the world , with carefully selected support staff comprising optometrists, specialist ophthalmic nurses, healthcare technicians and secretaries is what helps us achieve some of the best results in the country and outstanding verified feedback scores.

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What Our Patients Say

Download our unique patient support app ‘Bettersight’.

Total patient support- in the palm of your hand.

  • Set up your post op reminders - compatible with most smart watches too
  • Learn more about your prescribed eyedrops
  • Direct contact with your clinic and your surgeon
  • Help your clinic to improve by providing procedure specific feedback.

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